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delicious in the afternoon~
20 May 2020 @ 02:59 pm

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

I just wanted to keep this on my journal, update it whenever I get to a new place :)

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delicious in the afternoon~
30 September 2013 @ 11:58 pm
  • Apparently my last entry was like 7 weeks ago. Whoops.
  • Sorry I haven't been on for so long. Work has been busy! Which is a good thing, I love being useful, but definitely didn't feel like I had much time for other things.
  • I was asked to create a bunch of posters at work, and I made really basic stuff, but it felt so great being able to do creative stuff again! When was the last time I willingly stayed up until 3 a.m. just to finish work?! Not in a long while, at least.
  • Also apparently this is a bullet list entry.
  • I was in Manila early this month for a 3 day conference. I felt all official an' stuff.

  • We visited a university and it's so cool that they had their own museum.

  • As soon as I came back, it was straight to another 3 day conference. More adulting!

  • My brother forced himself into my gym shorts (he hadn't done laundry and found them) from when I was in the 6th grade or something and maybe they were like 10 inches long and IT WAS THE MOST DISTURBING THING I'VE EVER SEEN THEY HID NOTHING EUGHH
  • Dexter and Breaking Bad are finished. I have no more shows!! D:
  • Tomorrow I fly to Malaysia, vacationing this time. Yahoo~
    delicious in the afternoon~
    13 August 2013 @ 09:51 pm

    Hey guys. I'm back from my trip to Singapore, which I didn't mention at all besides just now... but I'm back from it! :) I just wanted to spend some time by myself. Though the receptionist was like, 'What? You're alone? Why are you here alone?' when I said that no one would be joining me. Which I had to repeat three times.

    But they gave me a room with a view even though I paid for a windowless one, and got the minibar for free because it was a public holiday offer, so that was pretty cool :)

    I was twisting left and right so much that the person sitting next to me kept shooting side-eyed glances at me. Too bad I didn't stay longer or I would've checked out the places I saw that seemed interesting.

    I had an enjoyable time. I stumbled upon an art exhibition, a mini concert, got off on the wrong stop on the bus and found the first Gadgets & Write fair. Also, lots of shopping (Although, funnily, I could spend a couple hours at a shopping mall and leave with just one thing. I'm a pathetic shopper.)

    This was a nice little area in front of my window where I could sit and watch the world outside

    //Work starts tomorrow. Need to sleep.

    delicious in the afternoon~
    16 July 2013 @ 06:26 pm
    Tip the pizza guy and he'll wish health on your entire family and a wonderful and successful life. At least mine did :) I kinda get the feeling he doesn't get tipped a lot; he always looks happy to see me.

    Anyway, a quick wrap-up to my Bangkok trip that I've absolutely procrastinated on.

    [children skeletons]

    Bam! Bangkok Forensic Museum, which is made up of six smaller museums located within a working hospital. I guess tourists get lost there a lot because when I asked for directions, the staff had a little box of printed out maps prepared to show us the way.

    What to expect: there were a lot of dead babies, mostly. And skeletons. There was this giant scrotum in the middle of one room that was the size of two of my heads 0_0 And I saw a picture of worms coming out of a guy's butt. Decapitation pictures, effects of diseases, mummified rapist etc etc

    Bam! Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre - turned out that day some students were showing their graduation work probably, so me and Sis#4 spent some time analysing the stuff there, what we liked and didn't like (I didn't appreciate that one of them copied a concept I've seen floating online. Blatant plagiarism XP).

    One poor student had their artwork placed on the floor with rocks around it, I guess to go with the theme of it (the picture was of a naked guy lying on a rocky beach). But people just kept stepping on it because they didn't realise it was there! D: People were almost tripping, and walking backwards onto it to see another work, and someone stepped right onto the middle of it I was surprised his foot didn't just rip through. Now that's just bad planning.

    Bam! Asiatique, a faux town shopping area. Cute. There were some nautical stuff they were selling that I wanted to get, but unfortunately I left most of my money in my hotel room that night T_T

    Bam! Calypso Cabaret, a cabaret with ladyboys. Could've been better but still entertaining.

    //Already thinking of travelling again~ sigh sigh~

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    delicious in the afternoon~
    12 July 2013 @ 02:45 pm

    "Listeners, we are currently fielding numerous reports that books have stopped working. It seems that all over Night Vale, books have simply ceased functioning."

    I've recently started listening to the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale" on the way to and from work, and it is just the awesomest merging of funny and creepy. So that's my recommendation for today ^_^

    Speaking of work, I come home 2.5 hours earlier than usual this whole month, so there's all that free time I need to figure out how to spend. (I still haven't mastered my unicycle; that's one thing I could do...)

    I made a flower crown :D Whee~!!

    It's my turn to cook dinner tonight and I still have no ideas so I'm just going to flounce off to foodgawker again.

    //Wondering if I should just get Pizza Hut instead though. No fuss.

    delicious in the afternoon~
    30 June 2013 @ 03:17 pm
    I just bought my first red lipstick and tried it on and now I feel like drenching myself in someone's blood.
    delicious in the afternoon~
    04 June 2013 @ 02:37 pm
    This morning we went to Ancient City which we got to by train to the last station and then a taxi ride the rest of the way. It's essentially this huge park where they had scaled-down versions of cultural landmarks and monuments. Best part about it - bikes!

    Oh my gosh, I had forgotten how absolutely wonderful it was riding a bike. Even though the seat was uncomfortably tiny and low that my knees sometimes jabbed at my arms, and the bike a little wonky, and the sun was trying to burn off my skin, it was just a great feeling pedaling away (I definitely paid for it though, because my ass and legs were extra sore the next day). It immediately made me want to get a bike again once I get home. I remember my old pink unicorn one with beads on the spokes that made a noise every time I rode it. Oh, memories... If I could, I would've just biked around and around. You could either walk, borrow a free bike, or hire a golf buggy.

    Anyway, the park itself was awesome. It was relatively empty so we were able to enjoy it at our own pace without disturbance. Lots of interesting stuff to see and stop at. We spent about five hours here as well and that's with us speeding through the last part of it because we were just spending a lot more time than anticipated there.

    Afterwards we we went to two bookstores; Dasa Books, a lovely secondhand bookshop, and Kinokuniya, my favourite chain bookstore in Asia. Bought lots of books, unsurprisingly.

    We went back to the hotel room for a bit to meet up with Sis#3 before going out to Siam Niramit, a Thailand cultural theatre show. There was a bit of frustration when none of the taxi drivers were willing to take us there, possibly because we had already made bookings which meant that they wouldn't be getting commissions for it. So in the end we just took the trains. Unfortunately, we arrived just when the show was about to start, so we didn't get to walk around taking pictures and such. And I read that you were able to sit on an elephant, too :(

    We bought standard seats, but they put us in the pricier golden seats, which I didn't mind ;P Apparently it's one of the biggest stages in the world. The show was quite interesting. It felt like having your history book re-enacted in front of you, if you were studying Thai history, that is.

    You know, I think that's a good idea. Like, perhaps in the beginning or end of a school year, schools can have a musical performance depicting whatever is taught within the history books. I always thought history was best enjoyed outside the classroom and I think seeing it like that would make students more interested in knowing the fuller story.

    My favourite part was their depiction of 'Fiery Hell'. Now that was awesome. If I remembered correctly, the punishment for people who disrespected their parents had their heads repeatedly bashed in with a giant mallet, and adulterers had to climb a tree of thorns forever etc etc.

    Audience participation, though. I'm more of a seer, not a doer. At one point the spotlight shined into audience, and I was like, 'ho humm...' before I realised that WAIT IT'S SHINING RIGHT ON US!!! Thankfully, it was the guy just behind me and he got to be part of this wonderfully funny musical segment. The next time, it was the person right in front of me! Whew. Saved. Until the ending segment. There were these flower floats with a lighted candle in the middle that they let loose on the part of the stage that depicted a river (Sis#3 was so confused as to how they managed to get all that water there) and some of the workers were making their way through the crowd with these tiny floats and I was one of those picked! So I just quickly made my way to the stage and put it down before going back to my seat as painlessly as possibly. I enjoyed the show, overall. Sis#3 found it boring. So. Different strokes.

    //I've spent the past two days looking at cute bike pics. Definitely buying one. *nods nods*

    delicious in the afternoon~
    04 June 2013 @ 01:01 pm

    I'm just gonna let them enjoy their pilfered lunch and go later... =3=